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Please spay/neuter all your pets, and take in the homeless ones.  Adopt from shelters.  They'll love you so much for it.

Click here for an easy and free way to help care for those in need at The Animal Rescue Site!

Slinky adopted us, he like others, abandoned and left homeless

Click me for a larger view.  I am Slinky and my colors are true silver, my legs are WAY too long, my teeth WAY too big but I'm precious nonetheless.

He is a real silver streak!


Spay your pets; although without MaeLin, we'd never have had little bear.

Ok, so I'm the Mom.  I lived outside someone's window and ate out of a nearby fast food restaurant and never quite got over it.  Sure glad our friend Randy found us and a new home.  Little Bear and I love life lots now-a-days.

How did I ever create --> ?


Ok, so I'm Litte Bear, all I can say is ... I love just about everything, especially playing.

He loves doing his bird-watching routine.  In face, Little Bear loves anything that moves, bubbles, people, butterflies and water.  He loves to play with water, it's nearly his favorite pass time, besides eating and purring and loving us.

Always looking up!


 Goldie adopted us,
and was very loved.

Spay your pets please, to and help the homeless.

He came home in very bad shape; rough road to recovery.


His second recovery.  Baby blue eyes.

He sure could purr up a storm!



Here's an animation I created where Miss Piggy is eating.  This is a LARGE animated GIF I converted from a digital video (MPEG)

More Pig Photos

More Photo Fun


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