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Experts Exchange is a place I've found that has provided excellent help, and has a world-wide audience and participation.  It is a great spot to help and get help, I'm also a participating expert in the Windows 98 and Web Browser topic areas.   It has been an excellent experience, since it has helped me grow my skills in various topic areas.  Click the link below and check it out.  You can earn Expert Points as well, which is what is used to award people for solving your problems and helping you out, points not dollars.   Tell them astaec sent you.

Computer glitches happen now and again, but we do help...check out Experts Exchange, tell them astaec sent you!

Click for helpful Experts Exchange - computer technical exchange site
Diverse topics, Operating Systems, Browsers, Authoring, Hardware, JavaScript and much more.  My Expert name there is astaec - always happy to help when and where I can.  My main focus is Browsers, Windows Operating Systems and Virus/Spyware related issues; though dabble in many other Topic Areas.


Bud's Troubleshooter for a variety of computer-related needs.

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