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Squirrels just love their peanuts, and it is a blast to watch them as they figure out how to get in there and start gobbling.

Great Peanut holder, bound to a tree so squirrels can adventure into them.  It takes a while for them to figure it out, but sure is fun to watch.  They'll love you for every peanut you share.

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When you can't be out among the trees, it smells GREAT to have some clippings from the trees in the Fireplace when not in use.  Brings the garden indoors.

Click for larger view.

This was fun.  I took many different types of flower pedals and placed them on a dish filled with water, then took the digital camera and went to town.  The results have created many animations and many different colorful results for Web content fun.

Lots of creative things can be designed from the garden and digitized, redesigned.


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