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Look at him now... click any for larger views.

This is the look I give them whey I'm a tad ticked off because NO ONE is playing with me or paying me one bit of mind.  Hmmm enough to stop the purr cold in its tracks! This is the way I look when I'm just kicking back, being WAY COOL!  I do a lot of this, seeing as I am a pretty special kind of guy.  Tsk tsk. This is the look of intensity I begin to gather up when I hear a tiny drip of water... means I can pop over into the sink and lick, lick, lick.  Sure love that fresh drip. 


I have more digital creations than I know what to do with, and the fun never stops.  Pets are like your other kids, and the adventures just never stop; nor does the plain old enjoyment of loving them and having them love you right back.  Hope that people who adopt and bring in strays, teach their children all about love and caring for them; simple things like fresh water every day, food each day (2x), brushing them and cleaning their litter regularly.  Pets don't like dirt any more than we do, and are as clean as we teach them to be.  Enjoy them, we sure do.

Created by Asta just for fun


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