You should look into copyright laws when exploring New Ideas

Ideas, Off the Wall Brainstorming & What Ifs through the years have become profitable realities.  I'm the dreamer, you take the ball from there and make our world a better place.  I'm also intuitive and imaginative.  

If anything positive comes from my ideas, and you find no prior patents or copyrights; great!  Share the benefits.  My goal is to help add to good things in life, whether in productivity ideas, tools, processes or in more creative realms.  All decisions and responsibilities surrounding my ideas and what you do with them is back on you. 

I am available for special consulting projects to provide creative energy and innovative ideas. Please Email project goals to me for exploration and consideration; if the project matches my abilities and interests I will submit a bid for the project.   You decide.

You agree to take full responsibility for your choices, and will take responsibility for checking into all applicable laws.    The brainstorming and ideas start with me;  the next steps with you.  

This is not official legal advice, it is your responsibility to check your local laws.

Following are some helpful links to gather general information on how to proceed on your research and is by no means all-inclusive.  Depending on where you live, rules, guidelines and the like vary.  You should check all these things carefully for yourself before embarking on new adventures, and make sure you check with your local agencies and laws. 

Links below are a good starting point.  Good luck and wishes for great  profits.  Most of all, have fun! US Patent and Trademark Office US Library of Congress US Copyright Office


Created by Asta E. Cullander, Creative Customized Solutions

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